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About Us


Enable qualified members primarily interested in the care of patients with malignant GU diseases to meet for the purpose of discussion, development and implementation of ideas to improve care.


  • 1984SUO started by founding members
  • 1986SUO Spring Meeting at Annual AUA Meeting begins
  • 1988Annual Reception and Banquet begins at AUA
  • 1994The Whitmore Lectureship is established, the 1st of many SUO awards and lectureships
  • 2000SUO Winter Meeting at NIH begins
  • 2000The journal Urologic Oncology becomes official SUO journal
  • 2000SUO Accredited Fellowship are formalized
  • 2004The Young Urologic Oncologists Section (YUO) is created
  • 2007The Oncology Knowledge Assessment Test (OKAT) exam begins
  • 2008The Clinical Trial Consortium is founded
  • 2014The SUO celebrates its 30th anniversary
  • 2014The SUO/UCF Research Scholarship Program begins
  • 2016The SUO/EAU Exchange Lectureship begins
  • 2017The SUO/EAU Exchange Scholarship Program begins
  • 2018The SUO Visiting Professor Program begins

Primary Objectives

  • Stimulate research and teaching in urologic oncology
  • Disseminate the principles of urologic oncology to medical profession at large
  • Bring urologists into a Society whose work is entirely/principally in malignant disease
  • Being the most qualified organization on matters of urologic oncology
  • Standardize fellowship training in urologic oncology