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Young Investigator Award

Young Investigator Award 2019President Dr. Christopher Evans presents Dr. Brian Chapin with the Young Investigator Award

Recognition by the Society of excellence in clinical practice and/or basic research that has contributed to improvement of clinical care and progress in science. The recognition may be for a singular contribution or a consistent pattern of performance (and contributions) within 10 years of completion of residency or fellowship which (have) has fulfilled the criteria of advancing the field or holds strong promise of doing so in the immediate future.

Awarded a medal at the AUA meeting.

  • 2022 Sarah P. Psutka, MD, MSc
  • 2021 Christopher Barbieri, MD
  • 2021 Sima Porten, MD
  • 2020 Angela B. Smith, MD, MS
  • 2019 Brian F. Chapin, MD
  • 2018 Todd M. Morgan, MD
  • 2017 Daniel Barocas, MD, MPH, FACS
  • 2016 Stephen A. Boorjian, MD
  • 2015 Scott E. Eggener, MD
  • 2014 David Miller, MD, MPH
  • 2013 Surena Matin, MD
  • 2012 Andrew J. Stephenson, MD
  • 2011 Yair Lotan, MD
  • 2010 Brent K. Hollenbeck, MD, MS
  • 2009 Daniel W. Lin, MD
  • 2008 Jodi Kathleen Maranchie, MD
  • 2007 Kenneth S. Koeneman, MD
  • 2007 David Ornstein, MD
  • 2006 Adam Kibel, MD
  • 2005 Martin G. Sanda, MD
  • 2004 Robert E. Reiter, MD
  • 2003 John P. Stein, MD
  • 2002 Martin Gleave, MD