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The SUO accredits two year fellowships in urologic oncology. At least 12 months of this time must be devoted to clinical work. The requirements for a fellowship program are specified in the Requirements section of this page.

Programs may apply for accreditation through the SUO Fellowship Committee. The application should be sent to the chairman of the Fellowship Committee as listed on the application. The document should be submitted on a flash drive or CD Rom, and with two signed hard copies.

The application fee is $3,000. This should be included with the application and should be paid with a check drawn on a US dollar account in a United States bank. Make checks payable to the Society of Urology Oncology.

The director of the program applying for accreditation will be contacted by the Fellowship Committee Chairman’s office to arrange a site visit. This will be a one day visit by an active SUO member site visitor. The format of the site visit will be similar to a Residency Review Site visit. The site visitor’s report and the application form will be reviewed by the SUO Fellowship Committee at its next meeting. Meetings will be held at least annually and more often if the volume of applications justifies the need.