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SUO Fellowship Program

The trainees/fellows program is designed for urologists looking to apply for an approved program.

Essential and Unique Characteristics of a Fellowship Trained Urologic Oncologic Surgeon:

The goal of advanced training in urologic oncology is to provide further knowledge and skills beyond the expertise achieved during a urology residency program. The additional expertise should include scholarship, critical analysis of complex clinical problems, and development of advanced technical skills. The fellow should develop good skills in the planning of multidisciplinary approaches to patient care. The trainee should also achieve expertise in basic and clinical scientific research methodologies.

After completing a two-year minimum fellowship in Urologic Oncology, the surgeon should demonstrate the following unique characteristics:

  1. Advanced expertise in the multidisciplinary management of patients with urologic cancer;
  2. Knowledge and the ability to apply the critical principles of:
    • a) Medical oncology
    • b) Radiation oncology
    • c) Uropathology
    • d) Urologic imaging techniques;
  3. Ability to perform complex tumor resections with a clear understanding of the benefits and the technical limitations of surgical procedures;
  4. Ability to perform laparoscopic approaches for diagnostic and therapeutic treatment of urologic malignancies;
  5. Extensive knowledge of and technical experience in urinary tract diversion and reconstruction;
  6. Knowledge of the biology of urologic malignancies;
  7. Comprehension of and facility with scientific methodology, study design, biostatistics, clinical trials, and data analysis;
  8. Ability to manage academic or tertiary referral clinical practice, participate in continuing education.
  9. Skills for self-education, and collaboration in translational research.