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Affiliate Membership


Affiliate Membership shall be limited to the nonsurgical oncologists who have specialized urologic oncologic training, interest, and experience, and who have board certification in a specialty field. In order to qualify for Affiliate Membership, nonsurgical oncologists must devote at least 50% of their total professional activities to the field of urologic oncology. Basic Scientists applying for Affiliate Membership must document that their primary research effort is in the field of urologic oncology.


An affiliate member shall have the right to attend the Annual meeting, but shall not have the right to vote or hold office.

Recommendations for Membership

  1. Candidates may apply for membership directly into this section. The same procedure shall be followed as outlined for Active Membership.
  2. Members may apply for Affiliate Membership to the Membership Committee through the Membership Committee Chairman.

Number of Members

There shall be no limit to the number of affiliate members.

Termination of Membership

Follows the procedure outlined for Senior Membership.


Dues shall be the same as that required of active members and shall be payable to the Treasurer of the Society upon receipt of the annual statement.