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Visiting Professor Grant Program

The Society of Urologic Oncology is pleased to announce the establishment of a Visiting Professor Grant Program that will provide up to two $3,000 grants annually.

The SUO was established in 1984 to improve the care of patients with malignant urologic disease. Central to the SUO mission is stimulating research in, and the teaching of, urologic oncology and disseminating the principles of urologic oncology to the medical profession at large. This program is designed for the SUO to sponsor two SUO Visiting Professorships per year at an ACGME-approved urology residency program in the United States or Canada.

Visiting Professor and Program Design

The Visiting Professor must be an SUO member in good standing. The institution is responsible for selecting the Visiting Professor and confirming his/her participation. The hosting institution and Visiting Professor are responsible for coordinating the program details and logistics.

The institution must describe the proposed professorship format in the application. A model of one type of program is as follows:

  1. Evening/late afternoon interactive Journal Club or VP Case Presentations with the residents and fellows. The evening meal provided by the institution.
  2. Grand rounds or similar presentation the following morning.

The details of the program can be modified by the awardee based on their academic schedules but must include the essential elements of a formal didactic lecture in an area relevant to urologic oncology and the opportunity to directly interact with the trainees in a journal club or interactive case presentation format as is expected for any Visiting Professor program. CME certification for components of the program by the host institution is strongly encouraged but not mandatory.

The host institution must promote and publicize the program as the “SUO Visiting Professorship.” Other financial supporters can be acknowledged but SUO must be acknowledged as the prime sponsor. At the conclusion of the program the awardee will provide the final program announcement, a summary of the participants and any survey results and a financial review of the program expenses. Program evaluation and feedback will be requested from the visiting professor as well.

It is strongly encouraged that the SUO Visiting Professor be an independent stand-alone program. If the SUO Visiting Professor will be part of a larger educational event it should be specified in the application.


The SUO will provide a direct grant to the awardee of $3,000. The funds distribution includes a minimum $1,500 honorarium and an all-inclusive travel allowance. Any additional funds to support other aspects of the program (such as meals, refreshments, administrative or AV services, CME fees) are the responsibility of the host institution.

The SUO will also provide the Visiting Professor a plaque acknowledging the professorship.

Programs must be completed within 12 months of notification or funding will be withdrawn.

Qualifications and Application

The SUO Education Committee will be responsible for the oversight, coordination and approval of applications. The primary determining criteria for selection is demonstration of how the SUO Visiting Professor can improve the educational objectives of trainees and faculty at the institution. Preference will be given to smaller programs or those that do not have a significant component of urologic oncology expertise or exposure. Institutions with existing visiting professorship programs must explain in their application why their existing program fails to address the educational gaps the SUO Visiting Professorship will fill.

Applications for the 2023 – 2024 academic year must be submitted to the SUO Executive Office at by May 12, 2023, in order to be considered. Please enter “SUO Visiting Professorship Application” in the subject line. Programs will be notified of the Education Committee’s decision by June 1, 2023.

Visiting Professor Application