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The Young Urologic Oncologists Section was created to enable fellows, and members of the Society of Urologic Oncology who are primarily interested in urologic oncology, to meet for the purpose of initiation, discussion, and development of ideas, which will improve the care of patients with malignant urologic disease.


  1. To foster interaction between urologic oncologists during their training and first seven years of their career by:
    1. Providing a forum for the discussion of problems relating to malignant urologic disease.
    2. Stimulating research in, and the teaching of, urologic oncology.
    3. Encouraging collaborations and cooperative efforts between young urologic oncologists.
    4. Allowing opportunities for presentation of research and critical peer review of data.
  2. To bring into membership in the Society urologists whose work is entirely, or principally, with malignant disease.
  3. To be available as consultants to the Executive Board of the Society of Urologic Oncology on matters relating to early career issues